15 Invitations Dossiers: Inti Guerrero

cover of 15 Invitations Dossiers: Inti Guerrero

15 Invitations Dossiers are part of a special programme series featuring exhibitions, projects, written works, performances, and set of e-dossiers marking Asia Art Archive’s 15-year anniversary.The participants documented their process and each project has culminated in a set of print and download-on-demand e-dossiers.

Udlot-udlot was organised by Hong Kong-based independent curator Inti Guerrero to present video pieces, short films, and artefacts by Pio Abad, Anand Patwardhan, Jan Švankmajer, and Koki Tanaka in the Asia Art Archive Library. His intervention was based on different possible ideological readings of Udlot-udlot, a 1972 largescale sound performance by Philippines new-music composer José Maceda (1917–2004) documented in AAA’s Roberto Chabet Archive.

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