Cities on the Move

In today’s world, the Asian megapolis is a reality that is reconfiguring both East and West, old world and new, and is as much a cultural phenomena as a demographic or architectural one. It is currently predicted that in the year 2000 there will be 15 cities in Asia with more than 15 million people each, and that more than 50 million will be living in the Tokyo-Osaka corridor. Cities on the Move is the first publication to confront this rapidly changing social, urban, and suburban landscape primarily from the point of view of those Asian artists, architects, and intellectuals who are currently already part of this emerging world. The result is a massive, kaleidoscopic volume which presents a multitude and variety of projects, plans, ideas, artworks, and observations which are not easily summarized. Like a documenta of the East, this book attempts nothing less than an expansive, inclusive forum and interchange — an avant-garde symposium — for those figures whose work by its very nature requires the contemplation of urban Asia.