Huang Yong Ping

‘Huang Yongping’s art should be understood first of all as a set of strategies of cultural resistance to the power of dominant discourses including the institutional system itself. As a major figure in the Chinese avant-garde of the 1980s, Huang Yongping has developed a radical system of thought and language that articulates critique and counter-propositions vis-à-vis the dominant power. His work introduced Western avant-garde art and thinking to China and emphasised the Dadaist tradition and deconstructivist theories. He combined these with traditional Chinese philosophy, which has been oppressed for many years under Moaist rule, in order to create a strategy to subvert the established and oppressive order of “official art” in China.’ ― Hou Hanru. This is the catalogue for Huang Yongping’s exhibition at De Appel – Centre of Contemporary Art, Amsterdam in 1998. Included in this publication are insightful essays on the characteristics of the art of Huang Yongping by Evelyne Jouanno and Hou Hanru. A biography of the artist, a list of the exhibits and a selected bibliography are also provided.