Consider the Scallion by Celine Katzman and Diane Zhou

cover of consider the scallion

“consider the scallion” is a risograph anthology featuring a constellation of reflections on the elusive, intricate nature of the scallion. Each edition includes a special bleached paper made from scallions by artist Tim Simonds.

Contributors include Luke Luokun Cheng, Matthew Shen Goodman, Anton Haugen, Celine Katzman, Christina Yuna Ko, Mo Kong, Vivienne La, Fei Liu, Kevin Lozano, Larissa Pham, Stephanie H. Shih, Tiffany Jaeyeon Shin, Tim Simonds, Son Kit, Sprechgesang Institute, Jia Sung, Taehee Whang, Rose Wong, Jasmine Yeh, and Diane Zhou.

Of the anthology, editors Celine Wong Katzman and Diane Zhou write: ”We have always been fascinated by scallions as cultural artifacts with long roots (haha) stretching across cuisines and experiences. Since many of us have been staying at home and cooking more often as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, scallions have become a precious culinary resource. Growing in our windowsill gardens, they have emerged as a symbol of self-renewal, grounding us with the reassurance that time is indeed passing and that we can still find ways to flourish together… In considering the scallion, we must confront the provisional nature of vegetable and other naming, especially at the intersection of biological ambiguity and Western consumer delineations that compress nuances into convenient categories.”

6×6 in
45 pages
Printed on natural toned paper, bound with apple green spirals
Edition of 100