Traces 2: Race Panic and the Memory of Migration

cover of Traces 2: Race Panic and the Memory of Migration

The second volume of the Traces series, “Race” Panic and the Memory of Migration, explores complex relations between violence, historical memory, and the production of “ethnicity” and “race.” Some essays analyze the panicked “othering” that has led to violence against Chinese Indonesians, and to the little-known massacres of Hui Muslims in nineteenth century China and of Cheju Islanders in Korea in 1948. Others examine the fraught discourses surrounding colonialism, immigration, citizenship, and nation-building in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, and Ireland. What new modes of inscribing experience might counter prejudice against migrant subjectivities? How can one articulate links between diverse subaltern struggles around the global movement of capital? Can shared memories of domination provide the basis for a cosmopolitanism more attentive to local identities? Contributors: Ien ANG, Victor KOSCHMANN, Rey CHOW, Luke GIBBONS, Yann Moulier BOUTANG, HUANG Ping, JUNG Yeong-hae, Tessa MORRIS-SUZUKI, KOMAGOME Takeshi, KIM Seong-nae, Jacqueline ARMIJO, Ghassan HAGE, SAKIYAMA Masaki, TOMOTARI Mikako, MORI Yoshitaka, OKA Mari.