CP Open Biennale 2003: Interpellation

The CP Foundation is an independent Indonesian-Washington based arts institution founded in 2001 with the objective to contribute to the widening of the world’s art platform. The 2003 CP Open Biennale is the first Biennale organised by the Foundation, bringing together artworks of 126 artists from Indonesia and abroad, through which it delivers the following aim:

The practices of the contemporary visual art, as the logical development of the mainstream visual arts, now become dominant and are moving away from its initial spirit and theories. The awareness to replace the development of the visual arts as a part of the entire practices and theories of the visual arts becomes important for today. The theme of interpellation is chosen as a trigger to reconsider and question myriad concepts, understanding, conventions, and forms of domination. Forming its base are the belief and the critical attitude toward the various understandings that have so far been taken for granted.

Images of works are accompanied by artist biographies and individual texts.

Other participating artists included: Isabelle Cornaro, Janet Echelman, Carlo Ferraris, Brian McCutcheon, Julia Neuenhausen, Vincent Rossi, Filippo Sciascia, Gabriele Stellbaum, Rosemary Lakerink, Ken Pattern, Charles Schuster, Rosemary Lakerink, Ranger Mills, Carolla Vooges