Questionnairing Reality

by Tongji Philip Qian

Cover of Questionnairing Reality

“What is a question you are secretly/genuinely interested in asking?”

Nineteen participants created the following questions and were invited to complete this questionnaire. Everybody was informed that their responses would be published anonymously. Completion of this collective questionnaire was encouraged but not mandatory.

Tongji Philip Qian arranged this questionnaire with critical contributions from Jojo Brew, Asa Brown, Antoinay Collins, Courtney Curtis, Maia Edmondson-Campbell, Akia Foster, Alejandro Gonzales-Evans, Rebecca Jacobo, Scott Kelly, Chiyenne Matthews, Queen Ogunshakin, Noel Overby, Khalil Randall, Talia Robinson, Kevin Smith, Micaiah Smith, Fan Ada Wang, and Darren Wright.

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