by Kristoffer Ardena

cover of Jologs

Jologs is super Filipino! It is derivative culture, however, it is aware of itself and because of this awareness it understands its cultural position versus other forms of derivative culture like Western appropriation in Asia.

Jologs is a counter against homogeneity. Jologs is self-aware. Jologs is adaptive re-use. Jologs is about being porous, like an archipelago. Jologs and other archipelagic forms of culture perform adaptive re-use. Jologs celebrates permeability. Jologs is about being practical, about survival.

Permeability, hybridity embedded within Jologs is a sort of chaos with high dimensionality. It stands apart from modern Post Colonial thought(flat) because it is non reactionary to prior circumstance, rather it owns and coopts whatever it sees fit instead of standing in opposition it just swallows.