Water Diary in New York

“New York. The city with multi-culture yet little squeaky sound–that is because two opposite movements of creation and cessation are simultaneously going on–is the city full of “Water Thought”. This city sprays up tremendous amount of memory concerning the relationship between “men, things and environment” –from clefts, chasms, and wime-holes.

Daily performances in the city of “Water Thought”. Discovering water on the roadside, in the road’s crevices, in the building’s fissures. Thinking about the origin and cycle line of the water. If that water is “half dead” losing its cycle line, that water be carried to link to a new vital line.

Water in a plastic bag hanging from the second floor of an apartment near 15th Street. Water dripping incessantly from fire plug that seems to be broken on the side of Canal Street. Water in a plastic bottle placed on the street of Soho. Water of Hudson River, Water of East River……. Water Diary in New York. Where will it begin and where will it end? I would like to search for the line of “cycle”, being together with water. To me, that line is eternal time like “spray” rising endlessly. ”

– Ichi Ikeda, Notes on WATER DIARY