Ferments, Family, Kinship, Home

June 28, 2022
11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Image courtesy of event organizer.

Image courtesy of event organizer.

Fermentation is a slow process of transformation by microbes like bacteria and yeast that requires the factors of time, space, and care. As a biochemical process, it embodies preservation and change simultaneously, which makes it a ripe metaphor for a range of concepts. It was this tension that first had me approaching feminism through fermentation in the ongoing Fermenting Feminism (2017–present), with my asking what should be preserved from histories, and what needs to be transformed as we move toward more just and reparative futures?

Through queer kinship, multilingual and extra-rational archives, and trans-species becoming, the artists in this program reimagine what constitutes family, belonging, and home through the radically patient practices of fermentation and knowledge-sharing from their respective lives.

Artists include Kimberly Ho, Diana Bang, Samuel Kiehoon Lee, E Edreva, Paul Wong, TJ Shin, Jamie Ross, Leo Williams, Max Horwich, Ashley Jane Lewis, Katya Rozanova, Emily Saltz.