FIRE: A Curated Selection of Ceramics

November 17, 2022 – January 7, 2023
Alison Bradley Projects

526 W. 26th St.
Suite 814
New York, NY

Alison Bradley Projects is pleased to present FIRE: A Curated Selection of Ceramics, featuring work by artists Jane Yang-D’Haene, George Ohr, Miwa Neishi, Nick Mauss, Keiko Narahashi, Fawn Krieger, Jiha Moon, Ewen Henderson,  Yoona Hur, Yuta Segawa, David Kennedy Cutler, William J. O’Brien, Ruth Duckworth, Toshiko Takaezu, Beate Kuhn, and more.

FIRE presents a rotating body of over 50 works by a broad range of ceramic artists, from the fifteenth century to the current day. This exhibition serves to introduce the gallery’s ceramics program, which is grounded in the pre-modern lineage of Japanese and Korean vessels. Showcasing a selection of three-dimensional works, the pieces on view offer a window into the malleability of the medium and diversity of the ever-progressing ceramic tradition. These works challenge the boundaries of the ceramic as functional craft and its relation to the artist as an individual. Though the objects featured diverge in their function, form, and technique, they find common ground in FIRE.
The featured artists capture a history, evolution, and cross-cultural exchange of a medium found iterated across cultures for millennia. These works embody the transformation of boundaries between art, craft, and commerce, the continuous expansion of the status of the ceramic, and the relationship of the contemporary to the tradition of craft. FIRE seeks to navigate these boundaries, as well as exemplify the border crossing of artistic influence.

Our exhibition demonstrates a series of responses between artists, movements, cultures, and media. The overarching timeline of the exhibition allows for an exploration into the progression of ceramics from functional craft to a high Contemporary Art. The scope of the exhibition invites viewers to witness a through line of influence, as artists build upon the traditions and experiments of those who came before. A history of function informs a future of art, demonstrating less a delineation between art and craft, but instead the continuation of a dynamic relationship, in which one informs the other. The works are simultaneously situated within and without– evading singular definition or classification.

Alison Bradley Projects is honored to present work that showcases the legacy of ceramic tradition and its evolution in the Modern and Contemporary era and beyond.