Yunnan school: A Renaissance in Chinese painting

by Joan Lebold Cohen

cover of Yunnan school: A Renaissance in Chinese painting

From the ashes of the Cultural Revolution the Yunnan School painters emerged as a dynamic, creative force. They formulated a new synthesis of Chinese and international elements that has excited art viewers in China and in the West.

Inspired by the imagery and color of the Buddhist cave paintings of Dunhuang and by Yunnan’s verdant jungle settings, their art incorporates subjects and motifs traditional to Yunnan’s exotic tribal people.

The eight artists in this work are represented with over 70 color images. Included are Jiang Tiefeng, Liu Shaohui and He Neng, founding members who gave the Yunnan School its name, and Ting Shao Kuang, an artistic pioneer who left China on the eve of the movement’s birth. All the artists represented shared in the unique stylistic and theoretical characteristics of this artistic renaissance.

A bibliography and twenty-one figures illustrating source material, maps and Chinese names are included.