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120 in Programs

End with a Book! 2023

New York-based Collectives Panel with Southeast Queens Artist Alliance, Asianish, and School for Poetic Computation

Thriving on the Margins: Conversation with Radhika Subramaniam, Sreshta Rit Premnath, and marisa prefer

Institutional Absorbance: Conversation with farid rakun

Chang En-Man: Snail Paradise

AAA-A Artist-in-Residence Fall 2023

The Collective School

Brooklyn Rail September Issue Launch Party

Artist Talk and Closing Reception: (Im)material Ruins

July Town Hall: Tracing Histories with Tommy Kha and Ambika Trasi

Making, Sharing, and Exploring: How is Hong Kong Art History Made?

Why Timelines Matter: Writing Hong Kong’s Art Histories

Luke Ching's Folk Art Series: From Hong Kong to New York with Cockroach

The Complete Picture: Archives in Pakistan

Leadership Camp Exhibition: (Im)material Ruins

Artist Curators and Queer Curatorial Practices: Sunil Gupta, Ellen Pau and Jason Wee


What is your story of art history?

Power in Perspective: Early Photographs in China Artist Talks: Activating Collections

Alpesh Kantilal Patel and Yasmeen Siddiqui: Art History as Storytelling

AAA-A Open House

Hong Kong Art History Archives: Workshop with Michelle Wong

Contemporary Chinese Painting in 1940s New York City

Inaugural AAA-A Zine Residency Presentation

Sim Chi Yin: Methods Of Memory - Time Travels in the Archives

End with a Book 2022 Graphic

End with a Book!

Independent Publisher Panel with Further Reading Press and Naranja Publicaciones

AAA-A Zine Residency Open Call

Using the Archive Workshop

On the Margin: Screening and Conversation with Patty Chang, David Kelley, and Hira Nabi

Student Bodies: A Screening with Ho Rui An 

Asia Art Archive at documenta fifteen

Practicing Collectivity: Conversation with Francis Estrada, Eric Goh, Mayumi Hayashi, and Eugenie Tsai

Meal #7: Eating an Archive

Dream Babes NY: Bodies Holding Many Stories

Asia Art Archive in America’s 2022 Leadership Camp: (Im)material Ruins

Lain Singh Bangdel with his paintings in August, 1987.

Modern Art in Nepal: Archiving Artists Lain Singh Bangdel and Shashi Bikram Shah

M+ Walkthrough with Curators Pi Li and Yokoyama Ikko

Call for Fellows: PoNJA Wikipedia Initiative (PWI) 2

Using the Archive Workshop 2021

Video Still from Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings

Miasma, Plants, Export Paintings:
A Screening with Bo Wang

AAA’s 1980s Website Now Live

A Conversation with Desire Machine Collective

CHINA IN ASIA/ASIA IN CHINA: Imagining Asia in Contemporary Chinese Art

Collecting Contemporary Chinese Art, a Conversation between Jane DeBevoise and Uli Sigg at The Frick Collection

Call for Submissions – Open Platform at Backroom Conversations

Interview with Cai Guo-Qiang

Presentation by Qiu Zhijie

Presentation by Shuddhabrata Sengupta from Raqs Media Collective

Presentation by Lee Mingwei

End with a Book!

Presentation by Heman Chong

Lee Mingwei Exhibition Walk-through & Conversation with the Artist

A Report on Lee Kit

A Report on the Times Museum, Guangzhou, China

No Trans-national – Liquid borders and Empty Promises

Conversation with Il Lee

Presentation by Arin Rungjang

Rehearsal, or, Art without Artwork: a presentation by Gao Shiming with a response by John Rajchman

Presentation by Sopheap Pich

Phoenixes and Beyond: A Conversation with Xu Bing

You and I, We Have Never Been So Far Apart – Art from South and South East Asia

Hong Kong as Cultural Construction Site: A View from Asia Art Archive

Conversation with Qiu Deshu

Conversation with Naeem Mohaiemen, moderated by Murtaza Vali

Presentation by Rina Banerjee

Watch AAA’s China 1980s Film Online

A Walkthrough with Tabaimo

Presentation by Samson Young

Presentation by Sareth Svay & Maline Yim

Conversation with Reiko Tomii

I challenged mud, after...

Taipei Contemporary Art Center: A Case Study

Conversation with Yang Jiechang, Martina Koppel-Yang & Zheng Shengtian

Comparative Contemporaries: A Presentation by Lee Weng Choy

Presentation by Koki Tanaka

Tzodom No.3 by Takeshi Ikeda

AAA Booth at ArtHK’11

Archive as Verb: Asia Art Archive’s Projects in India

A Lecture Performance by Jun Yang: Becoming European or How I grew up with Wiener Schnitzel

ArtHK11: AAA Backroom Conversations

ACAW2011 Online

A Conversation with Tsherin Sherpa

A Presentation by Korakrit Arunanondchai

The Art World Supports Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts

A Presentation by Qiu Anxiong: Museum of Unknown

Introduction to AAA’s ‘Materials of the Future’

Conversation with Huang Yongping

The Ceiling Should be Green: A Conversation with Kit Yi Wong, Mel Bochner and Friends

Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW)

Two Films by Zhou Tao: A Screening with Cosmin Costinas

1980s Film Screening: Museum of Chinese in America


A Presentation by Pi Li & Lesley Ma: M+

A Conversation with Ei Arakawa and Barbara London

A Presentation by Vuth Lyno: Sa Sa Art Projects

A Presentation by Nadim Abbas

Magiciens de la Terre and China: Looking Back 25 Years

A Presentation by Michelle Wong: Navigating Art History in Hong Kong

Presentation by CAMP

Radical Archives

People Act Dance Make and Annotate: Crossing the Everyday Life of Video

Presentation by Liu Ding with a response by Boris Groys

In & Out of Japan: Documenting Travels in Japanese Experimental Film and Art 1960-1980

Li Ran + Liu Shiyuan: A Screening with Christopher Phillips

HB STATION: A Case Study of Alternative Art Education in China

Image and Phenomena: Video Art and Exhibition-Making in 1990s China


PoNJA-GenKon 10 Years: A Presentation by Reiko Tomii

Li Ming’s The Afternoon on June 1: A Screening with Howie Chen

Polit Sheer Form!

Commonly Newcomer: Jewyo Rhii

New Media Art in Asia: Emerging Directions

No World: A Screening with Fang Lu and Herb Tam

Lin Yilin in conversation with Gianni Jetzer

Work on Work on Work

Before and After Mansudae Master Class: A Conversation with Onejoon Che and Sohl Lee

空中媽咪 airTIME No. 00

Sound as Archive with Elaine W. Ho and Yenting Hsu

From Jean-Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Contemporary Chinese Art in the 1980s

AAA-A Inauguration

120 in Beyond

(In)directions: Queerness in Chinese Contemporary Photography

IL LEE: Drawing Nature’s Vital Force

Frank WANG Yefeng, The House of the Solitary

Anne Wu, There Is No Far and No Near

C.C. Wang: Lines of Abstraction


Iranian Cinema before the Revolution, 1925–1979

Suneil Sanzgiri: Here the Earth Grows Gold

The Next Monsoon: Climate Change and Contemporary Cultural Production in South Asia

Xavier Cha: Untitled (Caretaker)

Kenneth Tam: Silent Spikes

Mit Jai Inn exhibition

Coral Dictionary–An Interpretation Performance Chang Yuchen

Tammy Nguyen

Shilpa Gupta: I did not tell you what I saw, but only what I dreamt

In Their Own Voices: Black Women's Lives from the Archives

Present Tense 2023: Perilous Playground

Seeds and Memory: Asian Diaspora Reimagined

Between Performance and Documentation: Contemporary Photography and Video from China

Screening of Quaver Cipher by Boedi Widjaja

Between Waves


Overburden: Patty Chang and David Kelley

Joan Kee and Serubiri Moses: Mao and Afro-Asia in Context

Performance: Aki Onda, Spirits Known and Unknown, featuring Eyvind Kang

Lithium Sex Demons in the Factory by Candice Lin

Only the Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s–1970s

Rirkrit Tiravanija: A LOT OF PEOPLE

Ruth Asawa Through Line

Dreaming of Home

Renelyn Quinicot: Tools for Care: Tracing Memory, Lineage, and Story Through the Body

A Happy Beginning

Carlos Villa and Leo Valledor: Remains of Surface


Megumi Shinozaki: Now/Then

Miho Hatori x Esther Sibiude: medium/98.6F

What It Means to Be Cute

Visual Volumes: Contemporary Explorations in Book Arts

Home-O-Stasis: Life and Livelihoods in Flushing (圓:法拉盛的生命,生活,生存,生機)

KŪKULU: Pillars Standing Together

Rokubey Kiyomizu VIII: CERAMIC SIGHT & Megumi Shinozaki: Now/Then

Song Dong: ROUND

Hot Pot Talks: Queer Asian Storytelling

Spandita Malik: Jāḷī—Meshes of Resistance

The World Is Before You

Customs Cars Cultures



To Carry the Earth

White Lodge

Xin Liu: Seedlings and Offsprings

Fever Genesis

“A Dweller on Two Planets”: Works by Ayoung Kim, Yin-Ju Chen, Sow Yee Au, Su Yu Hsin

Richard Tsao: The Constant Gardener

Kang Seok Ho: Deep is the rising sun, far is the falling one

Indian Theater: Native Performance, Art, and Self-Determination since 1969

who’s afraid of feminist archives?

Artists at Work: Akshay Sethi with William Chan

3x3: Lee, Tsao, Ferrante



Mire Lee: Black Sun

Alchemyverse: Messa in Luce

Island Time

Franklin Furnace XENO PRIZE for Artists' Books

Seal the Fog

Exercises in Imagination


Nguchonobay #2:“2,999.99 REALMS” | “2,999.99 THẾ GIỚI”

Wu Jiaru très sauvage: Secrets with an Abundance of Foreign Lines

Sa'dia Rehman: Desire Lines

CFGNY in Residence at SculptureCenter

Nairy Baghramian: Jupon de Corps

Midori Harima: This is a Mirror

PAN Hsinhua: Garden of Mind

WANG Tiande: Further Along

Gina Osterloh: Her Demilitarized Zone: Image Without Weapon

Blind Spot: Stephanie Syjuco

Pacita Abad: Colors of My Dream

Art, Ancestors, Ghosts, & the Dead: a day of conversations, performance, and a film screening


Healing from Meteorites: Performative Reading

Live Stream: Surfacing Buried Channels

High Line Art Spring Exhibitions

Libraries in Practice: Tending Toward Liberation

Love Songs: Photography and Intimacy

Counter Histories: Exhibition of Works by Tamara Abdul Hadi, Alan Chin, Naomieh Jovin, and Qiana Mestrich

Closing Program: A thought is a memory

An Evening with CAMP

Just Between Us: From the Archives of Arlan Huang

Bundith Phunsombatlert: Mapping Fragments

Helia Chitsazan: After Midnight…

Toshiyuki Kajioka: Unconscious River

too quiet to hear: Performance by Amiko Li + Conversation with Aki Sasamoto

Convergence Zone

Alan Caomin Xie: Seven Dreams of the Lotus Sutra

ISA HO's Resonance - Westbeth Project

Musashino Consortium 2023: Fifth Annual Exhibition

Chang Yuchen: Coral Dictionary Vol. 1: 2019-2022

Tom Hsu: Isthmuses

The Geometries of Afro Asia: An Evening with Joan Kee, Michelle Kuo, and Smooth Nzewi

Azita Moradkhani: The Real Beneath

A Gathering in the Making

Afro-Latinx-Queer-Korea-Asia in the Arts Symposium

Whitney ISP Special Event 2022–23

Artist Jean Shin in conversation with Art Historian Marci Kwon

Histories All Around Us: Listening Session & Workshop on T!C’s “Landmarks” Storytelling Project

The Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation Spring 2023 Programming at The 8th Floor

Right To Mother

Maria Taniguchi: Figure Study

IFA Contemporary Asia: Asian Video Cultures on the Global Electronic Superhighway

Feral Echoes

Sa’dia Rehman: the river runs slow and deep and all the bones of my ancestors / have risen to the surface to knock and click like the sounds of trees in the air

Pacita Abad

Trevor Shimizu: Cycles

Special Screening and Artist Talk: Soni Kum's Morning Dew (2020)

Design and AI at Play: Ani Liu and Michelle Millar Fisher on Design as Research

Huidi Xiang: when held properly,

(Mis)Reading the Image: Selections by Darrin Martin

Maintaining Clarity: Recent Works in Distribution

80 in Collection

Freehold State

Tommy Kha: Half, Full, Quarter

Sreshta Rit Premnath: Grave/Grove

Studies into Darkness: The Perils and Promise of Freedom of Speech

Maria Thereza Alves: Seeds of Change

Tiw-tiwong: An Uncyclopedia to Life, Living, and Art in Baguio, the Cordilleras, and Beyond

Only The Young: Experimental Art in Korea, 1960s- 1970s

Just Between Us: From The Archives of Arlan Huang

Arsipelago! Archival Work and Archiving Art and Culture in Indonesia

Xiamen Haha

Activating Korea: Tides of Collective Action

Exploring Vacuum: 15 Years of Cemeti Art House

The Sahmat Collective, Art and Activism in India since 1989

Concept Context Contestation: Art and the Collective in Southeast Asia

Gudskul Book Batch #3 (2020–2021)

Gudskul Short Course

Nongkrong Curricula

Gudskul Book Batch #2 (2019–2020)

Gudskul Book Batch #1 (2018–2019)

WKWKWK - Die Laughing in Collective Ways, WKWKWK - Mati Ketawa ala Kolektif

Stars 79–80, 星星美展

Monumental Shadows: On Museums, Memory and the Making of History

Yee I-Lann: The Sun Will Rise in the East

Carlos Villa: Worlds in Collision

Sharjah Biennial 15: Thinking Historically in the Present Guidebook

The Geometries of Afro Asia: Art Beyond Solidarity by Joan Kee

Oil Street to Cattle Depot (從油街到牛棚)

The Shifting Occupation of Hong Kong Artists

The Long Journey of Baking M+

Of Fragments and Impressions

Pop South Asia: Artistic Explorations in the Popular

CP Open Biennale 2003: Interpellation

Traditions Transformed

Korean Art 1900 - 2020

Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World)

Trois Pas - Neuf Traces

The Melancholy of Race: Psychoanalysis, Assimilation, and Hidden Grief

The Making of Asian America: A History

Out of the Archive: Process and Progress

Minor Feelings: An Asian American Reckoning

IMMIGRANT ACTS: On Asian American Cultural Politics

Yellow Peril! An Archive of Anti-Asian Fear

Unseeing Empire: Photography, Representation, South Asian America

Unruly Visions: The Aesthetic Practices of Queer Diaspora

White Gaze

Queering Contemporary Asian American Art

Poetics of Relation


Envisioning Diaspora: Asian American Visual Arts Collectives

Best! Letters from Asian Americans in the arts

Asia/America: Identities in Contemporary Asian American Art

The Seven Necessary Sins for Women and Girls

The Applicant

The Four Humors

You Exist Too Much: A Novel

The Idiot

T.TORAO 1991

Japan 87 Video Television Festival: Electrovisions

The 7th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists on the occasion of "Silpa Bhirasri Day"

Japanese Photography in 1930s/日本の写真 1930年代展

Lightworks Illuminating New & Experimental Art: Gutai & A History of the Japanese Avant-Garde (Lightworks, Number 16, Winter 83/84)

Reproduced Authentic/複製にして真正なり

Drifting Objects of Dreams: The collection of Shuzo Takiguchi/瀧口修造 夢の漂流物

Fotan Wilson Shieh Cultural Palace/火炭石家豪文化宮

Hong Kong Art History Research Pilot Project/香港藝術史研究先導項目

Fragments of Future Histories

Ellen Pau: What about Home Affairs? – A Retrospective/當家當當家:鮑藹倫回顧展

Art and Place: Essays on Art From a Hong Kong Perspective

Ha Bik Chuen Archive/夏碧泉檔案

Driving Lantau: Whisper of an Island/大山與人

Someone Else's Story - Our Footnotes: Contemporary Art of Hong Kong (1990-1999)/他人的故事 - 我們的註腳: 香港當代藝術研究 (1990-1999)

HK Lab/香港實驗室

Not as Trivial as You Think: Hong Kong Art Quiz

Hong Kong Visual Arts Yearbook 2009/香港視覺藝術年鑑 2009

Hong Kong Art: Culture and Decolonization

Water Diary in New York

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Samson Young’s Art Journey



Assembled in the Margins: An inexhaustible index of Asian Artist Collectives